Why We’re Beta Testing a Telehealth Platform

Starting with a services-based business, we’ve had the pleasure and opportunity to learn a lot from you guys about what’s missing in skincare, what you guys are frustrated by, and what you guys like.

As I described in our origin story, our motivation to build Nefaire stems from the insight that there’s no one single variable that contributes to great skin – this goes for whether your concern is acne, discoloration, fine lines, oily skin, or anything else. It requires a full-stack approach, where everything from lifestyle, to diet, to regimen play a critical role.

Perhaps given our origin story (or perhaps because acne is such a common condition), a good majority of our customers share a similar story to me, and are in an everlasting battle against acne and the damage that it can do not only to your physical complexion, but also to your self-esteem and confidence.

If you have acne, it’s hard to bring up treatment solutions without bringing up a word that strikes more controversy than anything else: Accutane. Most people either love it or hate it. For some, it’s a life-changing prescription that literally changes them as a person. Getting clear skin allows them to become confident, and take that risk to put themselves out there socially, or ask out that guy/gal.

For others, you hear stories of permanent side effects, like hair loss, depression, or an onset of irritable bowel syndrome and gut issues.

Here’s our simplistic view on the drug: when prescribed and distributed responsibly and combined with the right lifestyle, regimen, and diet habits, it is one of the most effective and best treatments ever for severe or persistent acne, even more so than any antibiotic or topical retinoid.

We believe that there are a lot of fear-mongering statements surrounding Accutane, many of which are unwarranted and not rooted in statistical fact. There’s a reason why it’s been prescribed for nearly 40 years, and why it’s one of the top selling drugs ever. It straight up works, most of the time.

Unfortunately, due to its bad press, many people who might benefit from the drug end up shying away from it. Talking with you guys, the tedious and lengthy process that it takes to find and make an appointment with the right dermatologist who can guide you along not just an Accutane journey, but an acne journey as well, deters many people from considering this option as well.

Additionally, many of the people who do opt to take Accutane but can’t find or afford the right dermatologist turn to black market means to obtain it, purchasing potentially counterfeit drugs from illegal pharmacies overseas without a prescription.

We believe medical solutions are not mutually exclusive with a holistic skincare approach, and are a critical part of our “stack” of skincare solutions, right there with diet, regimen and lifestyle. The prevalence of people we’ve met that would benefit from medical-grade skincare solutions, coupled with the broken nature of the current dermatologist and Accutane experience has led us to beta test a new platform that will form the medical portion of Nefaire.

Enter Clear Health, an online dermatologist visit and cloud-based pharmacy where you can get diagnosed and monitored by a licensed dermatologist, while receiving authentic prescription acne skincare (including Accutane) without ever leaving the comfort of your home or waiting two months for an appointment. All for less than the cost of a co-pay to the dermatologist, with retail medication costs that are less than most traditional pharmacies.

We imagine a digital medical experience where technology not only helps standardize and streamline the process of obtaining medical grade treatment, but enhance it as well. With a digital experience that includes Accutane as a product, we intend to incorporate the voices of gut health experts, psychologists, and nutritionists to help mitigate the potential side effects that have made it such an unjustly feared drug.

The idea is that if people come through our Nefaire skincare brand through a product or facial, we can point them to Clear Health for medical grade solutions if need be, and vise-versa. Our intention for those that use Clear Health is that they’re also brought into the Nefaire universe, so they develop the full-range of skincare habits and product usage that will help them keep their skin clear and glowing. One system of record for your skin. A connected experience that will produce data that will allow us to make our skincare products and solutions as effective as possible.

Of course, for most people, our retail skincare brand Nefaire should be enough to get the skin that they desire. We’re not about prescribing more Accutane or prescriptions for the sake of doing it – we anticipate with Clear Health, that most people will be directed towards Nefaire, and won’t even be candidates for medical grade treatments.

But if you’re like me, with acne that is stubborn AF, you’d be lying to yourself and shortchanging yourself if you think medical grade solutions won’t help.

We think it’s by time someone acknowledge that Western medicine and common sense Eastern lifestyle principles don’t have to be mutually exclusive.


*Clear Health is currently in Beta. To indicate interest, please visit our landing page here to fill out a short form. Every bit of interest helps us validate our concept which will help us get closer to bringing the platform to life.